BoardWorks board portal is a digitized, secure communication and collaboration tool created to help directors and administrators transform the way they share board materials.

With the need for confidentiality and data protection growing each year, board portals are becoming the standard solution in solving many challenges for administrators and directors. Here’s how our board portal solution, BoardWorks, can help your organization overcome challenges by offering:

Advanced features:

  • Surveys, voting, e-signatures and advanced search functionality
  • Multi-board capabilities
  • Drag and drop board book creation

Improved governance:

  • Instant access to information
  • Enhance meeting preparation
  • Improve productivity

Increased security:

  • Share information securely
  • Permission control
  • Lower discoverability risk

Simplified processes:

  • Optimizing time
  • Increased accessibility to company information
  • Custom training and support

Modernized communication:

  • Digital way to communicate
  • Improved board member engagement
  • Going beyond the board book

Cost savings alternatives:

  • Cost analysis for current practices
  • Incentivized pricing structure
  • Data migration services